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White row houses in Germany on the street level. A castle lit up at night is behind and on a hill.

Computing Pioneers Profoundly Disagree on AI Risk

Mingling with young researchers last month in Germany, luminaries in computer science debated AI’s potential impact on the future of humanity.

ChatGPT Curates Duke Art Exhibit

What do you get when you ask an artificial intelligence to curate a museum art exhibit? The answer isn’t a...
Female hands working on a laptop, close up.

Academic Success Tip: Establish Guidelines for AI Use

As professors grapple with new technologies in the classroom, a report from Cornell offers suggestions for best practices and policies related to generative artificial intelligence.

A woman points at large letters that spell out "AI"

Advisory Boards Aid in Alleviating AI Anxiety

Nearly a year after ChatGPT debuted, hundreds of educators sought advice at the Teaching and Learning With AI conference in Orlando, Fla., this week.

A robotic hand types on a keyboard.

AI, Expertise and the Convergence of Writing and Coding

The common challenge in teaching writing and coding is helping students develop professional expertise when access to such expertise has been democratized via AI, Marit J. MacArthur writes.


The Innovation Continuum: Planning for What Is Next

It is human nature to experience a new technology and think that’s the ultimate version of such technologies.

Designing Courseware for Gateway Classes to Produce Equitable Outcomes: Key Podcast

Gateway courses are supposed to clear the path to fields of study, but for millions of students who struggle in...

Ep. 99: Designing Courseware to Produce Equitable Outcomes

Early insights from new "gateway" courses in chemistry and statistics aimed at closing attainment gaps for underrepresented students.