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Protesters stand with a sign asking Cornell to remove Starbucks from campus. There is also a man with a bullhorn.

Campus Starbucks Leave Bitter Taste for Students

Once known for its progressive politics, Starbucks’s labor practices have soured its reputation in the eyes of many college students. Now some want the chain booted from campus.

Webster University Sued Over Unpaid-Rent Allegations

Webster University is being sued for allegedly failing to pay rent on its downtown St. Louis campus, St. Louis Today...
Construction worker on a job site

College Building Projects: Behind Schedule and Over Budget

Inflation has come down from last year’s soaring heights, but colleges are still feeling the effects of supply chain issues and labor shortages that keep construction costs high.

A photo of a "for lease" sign in a window

Reconfiguring Campus in the Remote Work Era

With fewer employees on site, many colleges are seeking to repurpose disused campus spaces. In some cases that means shedding leases that can save millions of dollars.

A marching band in red and gold outfits plays in front of the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument.

A Growing Corps of ‘Capital Campuses’

Satellite campuses are proliferating and expanding in Washington, D.C. Not only do they enhance the student experience, but they also give institutions access to policy makers and grant-writing organizations.

An arching sign reads "Monmouth University" and is reflected in water in the foreground

The Rare Debt-Free College

Monmouth University has spent millions of dollars on campus investments while borrowing next to nothing. Philanthropic support helps, but a clear balance sheet remains a top strategic priority. 

Tornado Damages Oklahoma Baptist Campus

Facilities at Oklahoma Baptist University, including two historic buildings, experienced significant damage last week when a tornado ripped through campus...