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Michael Smith's Abundant University

Embracing Technology to Advance Equity

A Carnegie Mellon professor argues that higher education needs to embrace technology to help break down barriers to entry for students.

Students walk on campus at Brown University

How to Increase Socioeconomic Diversity at the Ivies

A new report says a 5 percent increase in low-income students admitted would result in more socioeconomic diversity among Ivy League students.

Students walk on campus at Washington University in St. Louis

For Selective Institutions, Progress and Backsliding on Socioeconomic Diversity

New York Times database shows some colleges have gained in socioeconomic diversity, but many have declined.

Two photos of Reyna Tippetts, one as a custodian and the second as a university faculty member

From Lone Star College Custodian to Dean

Reyna Gómez Tippetts says community colleges are “the gateway for education” and provide an opportunity “to help you get to the next step.”

CSU Fresno Students celebrate at graduation

Minority-Serving Institutions Lead on Student Economic Mobility

The second annual analysis by Third Way found that minority-serving institutions continue to provide students with more economic opportunity and mobility.

New Analysis Finds Most Families Can’t Cover College Costs

A new data analysis from the Institute for Higher Education Policy found that most students have unmet need and experience...
An illustration of the words 1st Gen laid over a question mark with a graduation cap on top symbolizes the inconsistency and uncertainty of what it means to be a first-generation college student.

Defining ‘First Generation’ in Different Ways

Colleges and governments offer financial and academic support for these students, but there’s no set standard among colleges for what the term means, as limits on affirmative action raise the stakes.

Mildred García speaking at her inauguration at Cal State Dominguez Hills. She is wearing academic regalia and sunglasses.

New Chancellor Selected for California State University System

Mildred García, president of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, will be the next CSU chancellor.