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Black student raising hand to answer question while attending class with her university colleagues.

Report: Teaching for Black and Latino Student Success

For many students, introductory mathematics courses can be a hurdle to degree completion, but instruction methods can help close equity gaps for underrepresented students.

Fiat Lux scholars at UC Merced sit on a bench in a line.

Program Innovation: Scholars Pave Their Own Way

The University of California, Merced, takes an asset-based approach when evaluating its first-generation, low-income scholarship program, identifying the ways students shine and how the university can remove barriers to their success.

Two hands holding a smartphone with an email icon and subscription button.

Campus Engagement Tip: Create a Student Success Newsletter

To reach learners with relevant information in a timely manner, colleges and universities can distribute a student success newsletter with tips, insights and important dates.

Female hands working on a laptop, close up.

Academic Success Tip: Establish Guidelines for AI Use

As professors grapple with new technologies in the classroom, a report from Cornell offers suggestions for best practices and policies related to generative artificial intelligence.

A mature veteran works at a computer on a table.

Business Graduate Program for Veterans

Emory University will launch a new accelerated master’s degree program for veterans studying business leadership. The program will be tuition-free for eligible learners, supported by federal and private funding.

Five stacks of white printed syllabus magazines sit on a beige table next to a long black stapler.

Academic Success Tip: Create a Syllabus Zine

A chemical engineering professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst redesigned her syllabus as a mini magazine to promote student engagement, share her beliefs and offer greater resources to her students.

Close-up photo of a woman's hands typing on a laptop keyboard.

Registering for Classes—3 Semesters at a Time

Alamo Colleges is allowing students to register for up to three semesters’ worth of classes at once, to reduce uncertainty and better accommodate students’ complex schedules.

Patty Goedl, a light-skinned woman with long brown hair, teaches accounting at University of Cincinnati at Clermont.

Professor Writes Open-Access Textbook to Promote Affordability

Patty Goedl, an accounting professor at the University of Cincinnati at Clermont, spent three years developing her own textbook to mitigate student costs.