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An aerial shot of Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo.

Rapid Rehousing for Housing-Insecure Students

In 2022, Fort Lewis College launched its first housing assistance program to provide financial assistance and support for learners struggling with basic needs insecurity. The program has benefited from community and nonprofit support.

Five nursing students smile at Jessie, a spaniel dog, in her white dog bed

Student Wellness Tip: Therapy Dogs Ease Academic Stress for Nursing Students

Many colleges welcome therapy dogs to campus to support students, especially during exam times, but measuring the impact is less common. A recent pilot study found therapy dogs can decrease student stress when they are present in the classroom throughout the term.

An outstretched hand holds a tampon and a pad.

Clemson Removes Menstrual Products From Men’s Restrooms

To support transgender men, a number of colleges put period products in men’s bathrooms. Now Clemson, in an apparent nod to political pressure, has eliminated them.

Student looks at long grocery bill

Going to College While Going Without

A new report says a majority of California community college students are struggling to meet their basic needs. Some students are even skipping meals or eating less than they need.

New Details Emerge in BC Swim Team Hazing Allegations

Freshman members of the Boston College men’s and women’s swim and dive program were allegedly forced to binge drink until...
A group of students sits on the grass studying on a college campus.

Report: Colleges Get Creative in Health and Wellness Solutions

Student health and wellness remain a priority for higher educational leaders, as highlighted in a new report. Officials share their unique approaches to servicing the eight dimensions of wellness.

The words "the good life," written in cursive script, in green, against a white background.

Teaching the Good Life

“Good life” courses can help prepare students to live more purposeful, meaningful lives, write Kristina Callina, Alicia Lynch and Michael Murray.

A young woman stands by herself while other people rush by her.

Student Wellness Tip: Broaden Suicide Prevention Efforts

Higher education leaders can recognize September as Suicide Prevention Month by prioritizing mental health and belonging at their college or university.