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Bright yellow lightbulb sitting on a sea of blue question marks

The Question-Centered Course

It can remind students how the process of inquiry can be meaningful and enjoyable for its own sake, writes Andy Tix, and even help them determine their life direction.

Photo of a computer, headset and pad with pen

Improving Students’ Research Skills

Justin Robertson describes an experimental class project that introduced students to a new way of conducting interviews and applying what they learned.

Diverse group of four students sitting together and working on a computer

3 Ways to Improve Student Group Work

Throwing students into groups without an accountability system rigs such work against them, writes Christina Katopodis, but we can transform it by thoughtfully structuring it in equitable ways.

Man using a laptop computer chatting with an artificial intelligence asks for the answers he wants.

5 Touch Points Students Should Consider About AI

As the new academic year begins, we must rethink the issue and help students decide when programs like ChatGPT deserve a place in written work, writes Naomi S. Baron.

Teacher warmly engaging with diverse university students in a classroom

Why the Emotional Aspects of Learning Matter

Confronting our discomfort with learning’s affective domain will help us deal with the widespread hangover of the pandemic that remains a barrier to students’ classroom engagement, writes Angela Bauer.

Person holding a briefcase stands on a long, open road looking into the future

A Wish List for New Faculty 

As the academic year begins, Karlyn Crowley, a university provost, offers some thoughts to professors at the start of their careers.

Room that's clearly being moved into with a sofa and other furniture, along with moving boxes labeled books and the like

Metaphors We Teach By

They come and go, waxing and waning as regularly as pedagogical trends, but they can have significant impacts, writes Zachary Michael Jack.

Open phone book with pencil and yellow sticky notes sitting on the pages

The Phone Book Challenge

How can educators make the most of ChatGPT? Use it for helping students talk through concepts and practice reasoning and critique, advises Patrick D. Watson.