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Asian woman picks a book off of a shelf at a library

Federal Grant Proves Elusive for Certain Colleges

The money is set aside for institutions serving large numbers of Asian American, Native American and Pacific Islander students, but many eligible colleges don’t apply because of bureaucratic hurdles.

Black student father graduates and celebrates with his son

A Call for Stronger Supports for Black Student Fathers

As their overall numbers fall on campuses, the cost of childcare rises and college support structures fall short, a new analysis highlights disparities faced by Black student fathers.

Daymon Johnson, a light-skinned man with dark hair wearing sunglasses and a long-sleeved green button-down shirt, sits on a bench looking out into the distance with trees behind him.

California Community College Professors Sue Over DEI Rules

Several California Community College system professors are challenging new rules requiring employees be evaluated on their adoption of diversity, equity and inclusion principles.

Judge Dismisses UT Austin Professor’s Bias Suit Against Texas A&M

A judge has dismissed a University of Texas at Austin professor’s lawsuit against Texas A&M University. The white male professor...
A sign (approximating a road sign) reads "Test Free Zone," with a standardized test score sheet circled and crossed through in red.

Test-Free Admissions: Why Wait?

While test-optional policies are already the norm, the University of California’s experience points toward test-free admissions as the next best step, Julie J. Park and OiYan Poon write.

Man pushes the letters EM closer to the letters ST to represent equity and inclusion in STEM

Grade Gaps Reflect Course Problems, Not Students’ Shortcomings

A recent report on two studies adds to a growing volume of research concluding that altering the structure of certain courses can help close equity gaps.

Ibram X. Kendi Defends Boston University Center After Layoffs

Scholar and activist Ibram X. Kendi defended the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, which he founded and directs, in...
The cover of the book "Hope & Healing" by John Silvanus Wilson Jr.

How HBCUs Can Help Repair American Democracy

A former president of Morehouse College discusses his recent book about the untapped potential of HBCUs.