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The book cover for Marlena Williams's "Night Mother: A Personal and Cultural History of The Exorcist."

Exorcising ‘The Exorcist’

Scott McLemee reviews Marlena Williams’s Night Mother: A Personal and Cultural History of The Exorcist.

An illustration of the acronym "DEI" on fire. A gas can visible in the upper right-hand corner of the illustration is fueling the flames.

4 Ways Universities Gaslight DEI Initiatives

The slowdown, the pushback, the shutdown and the blowback are all common gaslighting tactics, Megan MacKenzie, Özlem Sensoy, Genevieve Fuji Johnson, Nathalie Sinclair and Laurel Weldon write.

A key in an open padlock.

Who’s Afraid of Open Science?

Tom Ciavarella calls for an open debate on the White House’s open science policy.

An illustration of a college student's transcript with grades redacted in red.

Our Transcripts Are Academic Rap Sheets—and We Can Do Better

Learning (not rigor) is what prepares students for life after graduation, and our teaching—and transcripts—should reflect that, Jane L. Lubischer writes.

A view of Newark, N.J., featuring buildings near the river.

In Our Own Backyards

The Supreme Court decision on race-conscious admissions was a wake-up call to embrace the full diversity of the talent pools in our cities and communities, Nancy Cantor writes.

A close-up of a person's hands holding a globe along with a scrap of paper that says, in cursive, "English."

A Proposal to Revive the English Major

G. Thomas Couser proposes rebranding and reimagining the English major as Global English Studies.

A robotic hand types on a keyboard.

AI, Expertise and the Convergence of Writing and Coding

The common challenge in teaching writing and coding is helping students develop professional expertise when access to such expertise has been democratized via AI, Marit J. MacArthur writes.

An illustration of a stack of documents.

Tackling Pedigree Bias in Faculty Hiring

No more CV skimming: faculty search committees should consider an initial anonymized review of candidates’ research proposals, John M. Herbert writes.