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A photo of an academic building on Princeton University's campus ripped in half.

Book on Princeton Syllabus Sparks Conflict

University leaders are fielding demands to remove a book, deemed antisemitic by some and a legitimate criticism of Israel by others, from a course syllabus.

Multnomah University students sit in rows in the campus chapel with books in their laps.

Multnomah Welcomes ‘Not Yet Believers’

The university ended a requirement that all students sign faith statements. Other Christian campuses are also taking measures to broaden their reach.


Distorted View of White House Strategy on Campus Antisemitism

The Biden administration's new policy will hardly silence anti-Israel viewpoints on college campuses.

A Muslim student in a pink hijab shows her phone to another student, both smiling.

Religious Accommodation Policies Lacking

New research shows that many campuses don’t have religious accommodation policies. The policies that do exist are often too narrow.

A staged image of someone signing a form while checking into a conference.

When Discrimination Attends Your Conference

Multiple discriminatory incidents have occurred or been reported in recent years at conferences, where panelists’ and attendees’ unscripted comments can cause controversy.

A poster that reads "In God We Trust" with the word "trust" in rainbow letters, designed by activist Chaz Stevens.

‘In God We Trust’ in Every Louisiana Classroom

A new Louisiana law that requires “In God We Trust” signs displayed in classrooms raises larger questions about religion and higher ed.

A smartphone displays the homepage of the website Rate My Professors

Israel vs. Palestine, on Rate My Professors?

Two Jewish math professors say they asked for Zionist programming after seeing Palestinian programming on campus. Now, they suggest someone at the college “leaked” their request, leading to retaliation.

A white cross, lit by sunlight, against a pink and blue sky.

DEI Attacks Hurt All Students, Even Evangelicals

Evangelical Christian students are among those harmed by attacks on diversity, equity and inclusion offices, Matthew J. Mayhew writes.