Juicy Couture Advertising Analysis.

Typical high fashion advertisements consist of a beautiful female model, wearing the most expensive clothing, looking classy and elegant. Somewhere there is usually a toned gorgeous man looking at her in awe, also wearing incredibly fashionable clothing. These ads, however effective on the minds of the masses, are not the same approach the infamous Juicy Couture brand takes. Bought by all types of women, from mothers to teenage girls, everyone wants to be part of the Juicy phenomenon. Juicy Couture’s image isn’t the stereotypical wealthy, high fashion kind of depiction.
They show a more mainstream glamour and luxurious wealth. Their bedazzled track suits and terrier crowned logo shows their abnormal high end fashion. However, the brand is still very fabulous and expensive being “Made in Glamorous USA” (“JuicyDeals”). The advertisements of Juicy Couture try to show this same kind of image. The usual Juicy advertisements are displays of a picturesque suspended girl universe, by reflecting a modern, girlish, avant-garde display with a whimsical kind of spirit (Brown et al). Interesting and bizarre, they never fail to catch the eyes of women and girls of every age and race.
Juicy couture has a different and outrageous kind of style that never fails to tap into the needs and desires of girls all over. According to their ads, with Juicy couture women can be prominent, can dominate, and can definitely get anything they want. In 2009, Juicy ran an ad campaign titled “Do the Dont’s. ” Each ad depicted models breaking the rules, being rebellious, and going against what is expected by society. One of the ads shows a women dressed in business-like attire, pale skin, and hair done up in a boy-like style. She is leaning against a man dressed in complete contrast to her.

He’s tan and dressed in a more feminine fashion with long shaggy hair, a tulle skirt, and carrying a purse. He stands causally like a female with his hip cocked out to the side. In the background you see a pink mansion like house, with beautiful plants and magnificent windows. Above them it says “Do the Dont’s. ” Below that in light blue, the phrase “You can always get what you want” is written in messy-like handwriting. The items being advertised is everything from clothes, purses, jewelry, and perfumes. The purse and the fur coat, the socks, and the black dress are all Juicy Couture.
Below their feet is the unmistakable “Juicy Couture” logo. In big, bold, fancy lettering, outlined in white. The overall name for the campaign is a striking small simple phrase that catches the eyes and can hook audiences in. On the ad it’s in black block lettering, at the top of the picture in a small type of font. To say do what is unexpected of you is something Juicy already does however, for this campaign, they are saying if girls want to be a part of this fun, superficial, girly, unrealistic world, you have to be different. When the line first came out it was different kind of high fashion that no one had seen before.
They then incorporated that into their whole theme of their ads by showing a more unrealistic view of the wealthy with a forward-thinking view of fashion The house is a girly fantasy, being that it is pink, but it also shows how the pair are probably rich, and the rest of the house is just as wonderfully exotic as the two in front of them. It’s like they are a part of this beautiful world that only a few are able to see and to be like those in the picture it is necessary to be just as unrealistic as them. “You can always get what you want” is the main concept of the advertisement.
In a bright blue color and it look as if it was hastily written on top with a paint brush, it is the first thing to notice. The phrase is big, bright, and takes up most of the page making it truly stand out. The two phrases correspond with each other. If you “do the dont’s” “you can always get what you want. ” Or “you can always get what you want” by doing the “dont’s. ” The phrase implies that with juicy couture you can get whatever you want. The models in the background give the message even more of a meaning with how they look. They give off the air that they truly can and do have whatever they want.
It is even written like the person who wrote it, didn’t care about what people think. Who wouldn’t want to have everything? Jib Fowles in an article wrote about how advertising use different types of appeals in advertising. Fowles says as a “need for dominance” and a “need for prominence” is one of the ways that advertisers pull people in. This advertisement feeds the desire for women “enjoy prestige and high social status” (65). Women aspire to control and want to be admired. These appeals are shown in just the catchphrase of the advertisement, never mind the photo behind them.
Although the writing may be the first thing seen behind it is an abstract photo Juicy is famous for. The female model is in control, and strongly dominates the photo. Her direct gaze toward the camera is confrontational showing she is unafraid of power, her smirk saying she already knows she’s got it all. She stands in a firm yet casual pose showing she’s comfortable with her status, even though to some people it could be unsettling. She’s happy and at ease with her life and wouldn’t change a thing. These aspects make her more of a conformist which is opposite of what a women in fashion should look like.
She causally has her arm on his shoulder further showing her dominance. He is like her pet, or maybe her play toy (Brown et al). She is prime example as to what Fowles says about prominence and dominance. This model obviously shows both with her strong contrast to her male counterpart emphasizes this fact even more. Dressed casually like a girl the male model’s chest is bare showing to the audience that he’s not trying to be a girl but he’s not afraid feminine side (Brown et al). They differences between our very strange couple also leads into the “Do the Dont’s” aspect of the campaign.
A man dressing like a woman is definitely going against the grain. In most advertisements men are shown as the strong leader of the person who dominates, but here it is quite clear that he couldn’t care less about being in control or anything. He is perfectly happy with his life and how he is dresses. This isn’t what is expected of a man today, not in the least. The point of the ad is to sell the viewer not a single commodity but to convince the consumer that wearing their clothing will lead them to a new lifestyle (Fowles 62).
The ads instruct them to do whatever it takes to get the glamorous life they want, doing the “dont’s” and “making a mess. ” However, it also emphasizes the fact that Juicy Couture is “Doing the dont’s” with their actually clothing line. With outlandish fashion rules they are trying to get audiences to remember fashion doesn’t have rules, and Juicy took that idea to the next level with their own set of rules. Women don’t have to listen to the conventional rules about life or about what they wear. The ad plays on feminine desires to be better looking than everyone else, to be different and in control.
It’s an effective ad campaign, using certain techniques’ to make it fun and smart, and has a message that women all over the world are willing to listen to. Work Cited Brown, AnnaLisse, Perry Esing , and Talia Tiffany . Do the Dont’s Juicy Couture n. pag. academic. reed. edu. Web. 3 Oct 2012. Fowles, Jib. “Advertising’s Fifteen Appeals. ” Common Culture. Ed. Micheal Petracca and Ed. Madeliene Sorpure. Seventh Edition. New Jersay : Pearson, 2012. 54-72. Print. “Juicy Couture History and Information. ” JuicyDeals. Juicy Couture Deals, 2009. Web. Web. 3 Oct. 2012. ;http://juicycouturedeals. com/juicy-couture-history-and-information/;.

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